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Where's Your Lightbox?

It is uncommon for a website to not have a Lightbox these days and for good reason. They're impactful. According to, "...the average conversion rate for all popups is 3.09%. But the top 10% highest-performing popups had a much higher average, with a whopping 9.28%."

What is a Lightbox?

It's the pop-up box that appears within the first 10 - 20 seconds into you viewing a webpage. The Lightbox either overlays or completely cover the current webpage a viewer is on with the prompt pop-up box to disable the viewer from interacting with the content until they have either entered the requested information or have exit out of the Lightbox. Depending on the goal assigned to the Lightbox, it's basically a lead form. It gathers information from the viewer before they've decided to exit the webpage. Here are examples of popular Lightboxes:


Used to get the viewer to subscribe to the content the Lightbox has been assigned to opt them into.

Sign Up:

Used to get viewers to sign up for content or access such as a newsletter, webinar, or website login to name a few.

Promo Opt In:

Used as an exchange for the viewer's information to get a discount offer from the brand.

Upsell Offer:

Used to trigger impulsive buyers into a deeper purchase but they would have to act on the offer in that moment.

2 Steps To Consider

Step 1: Determine What Kind of Data or Action Your Brand Needs For Its Consumers

Be intentional with using a Lightbox. Make sure there's a ROI that the brand could use as a true advantage.

Step 2: Keep Those Leads Warm

When.a consumer engages with a Lightbox, that new lead is warm even if the consumer is a repeat customer. Keep that lead warm by reasonable and logical means.


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