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eCommerce Management

eCommerce Management


The art of tending to eStore interactions from consumers with the brand on behalf of the brand with the main objective of achieving certain goals of the business.

eCommerce is gaining more traction in the digital age. Brick and Mortar locations are closing due to the traffic that stores are accumulating through online purchases. L.O.P.I. offers eCommerce services to help bridge that gap for your brand.

3 Benefits of eCommerce (Other Than Revenue)

Shopper Behavior Data

Reports that tell you how consumers interact with your brand is vital. This kind of shopper behavior data is laid out for you in the back office of your website. This allows you to maximize on what sells and test new products.

Increases Consumer Reach

eCommerce has the ability to reach consumers remotely. Through retargeting methods, your marketing efforts are optimized when combined with influencing online purchases. Consumers now have access to purchase from your brand anytime instead of being limited to store hours.

Another Avenue To Rid Product

Online stores help take the edge off of unloading underperforming or overstock merchandise. Having the ability to remarket merchandise through email allows you to get the most profit that you can from your products.

How Does This Work?

You set up an appointment for a call. On this call, we will talk about the particulars of your project. This will allow us to know who on our team will be assigned to your project. Once we have gather that information, we set up a video call or in-person meeting to go over the quote and for you to meet who will be assigned to your project. During this meeting, we'll also do a quick run-down of our proposal for your project. Afterwards, you decide if you want to move forward. Simple as that.

What Kind of Project Do We Handle?

We do a variety of projects. We do not take on projects that are outside of our wheelhouse and we are upfront about that. If we don't have the resources your project needs, we will be transparent and let you know. Below is a list of projects that are commonly being requested by current brands (but we're not limited to these):

*Customer Service

Marketing Emails

*Merchandise Inventory

Website Design

Lead Generation

Ad Content

Social Media Content

*L.O.P.I. only offers this service to brands that sell goods.


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