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Branded Merchandise Design, Production & Management

Our Speciality

Branded Merchandise


/ˈbran-diŋ mər-chən-ˌdīz/

Commodities or goods that displays your brand's identity that adds to the personality of your brand.​

Merchandise is a workload of its own and our clients come to us for support to make sure that their investment in merchandise remains cohesive with their brand. L.O.P.I. designs, source and produce merchandise that is coordinated with intention. From design to planning and managing every project, we are able to step in where needed from conception to execution. We design catalogs for your merchandise as well as product images for your marketing needs.

How Does This Work?

You set up an appointment for a call. On this call, we will talk about the particulars of your project. This will allow us to know who on our team will be assigned to your project. Once we have gathered that information, we set up a video call or in-person meeting to go over the quote and for you to meet who will be assigned to your project. During this meeting, we'll also do a quick run-down of our proposal for your project. After that meeting, you decide if you want to move forward. Simple as that.

What Kind of Project Do We Handle?

We do a variety of projects. We do not take on projects that are outside of our wheelhouse and we are upfront about that. If we don't have the resources your project needs, we will be transparent and let you know. Below is a list of projects that are commonly being requested by current brands (but we're not limited to these) for merchandise:

Merchandise Design

Product Images

Merchandise Sourcing & Production

eCommerce Management

Merchandise Marketing Emails


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