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We get this question a lot from brands, and it is a legit question to have. You hear these terms interchanged so often they now seem as if they are the same thing, but they are not the same thing. Here's the difference between a Brand Ambassador and a Brand Influencer.

A BRAND AMBASSADOR is known by many names "promo model," "brand model," to name a few or B.A. for short. A B.A. is a person who is staffed to represent your brand during an activation. They are brand cheerleaders! They engage with consumers who are present at the event of which your activation is located. When L.O.P.I. coordinates your brand's activation, we make sure to give our B.A.-s information to learn about your brand so they can help consumers connect with your brand and have a positive experience. When we double these interactions with lead generation efforts, your brand can now use the data to further generate sales. It's the social engagement during the activation that motivates consumers to participate in the lead generation portion of the activation. The better the social engagement, the more willing consumers are to experience your brand.

"84% say one positive experience can make them a lifetime customer." (Acquire Convert)

Whereas a BRAND INFLUENCER (or Influencer for short) is generally a person who creates content to post on their personal social media or blog to influence their personal following to patronize the brand they are promoting in their post. The followers of the Influencer generally trust the Influencer and are more inclined to patronize the brand that influencer is promoting. The rates for Influencers vary according to the number of likes they get, the size of their following, and the impact of their influence. Influencers are leveraging their ability to have an influence over their audience so they are usually particular about which brands they promote. They understand their following and have a keen insight about the kind of influence they have. Therefore, an Influencer is going to be more sensitive not to jeopardize the trust they've built with their following and they do so by not promoting brands that doesn't align with their personal brand and by not promoting untrustworthy brands. Unlike a B.A., who is stationed at a location to work an activation. B.A.-s have a talent of connecting with strangers at an event within a few seconds to get them intrigued about your brand.

"63% said they “trust what influencers say about brands more than they trust the brand’s advertisements.” (Forbes)

You will OFTEN see these two terms interchanged as if they are the same or the terms are used improperly. It's shocking how many sources blur the difference between the two. Nonetheless, it's important to know the difference.

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