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Imagine your brand being at an event filled with consumers of your target demographic. Now imagine having an event activation that's set up with brand ambassadors who are pulling in leads on behalf of your brand. How many leads do you think our brand ambassadors could collect for your company at just one event, let alone a campaign of events (if need be)? As experiential marketing becomes more popular, brands are beginning to understand that these activation events can be more than just brand exposure. So what are you waiting for?

If your brand is a start-up... lead generation is a great method to jump-start your connection with consumers. L.O.P.I. will plan an activation that can multi-task your efforts to reach your demographic through experiential marketing tactics.

If your brand is already established... lead generation through our activation events will improve the quality of leads you acquire. L.O.P.I. put together events that give consumers a deeper understanding of your brand's value and what your brand can do for them. We create experiential experiences that enhance brand loyalty.

If your brand has a new product or service to launch or an event to promote or have a new offer for consumers... lead generation is sure to get the job done. Here at L.O.P.I., we design our activation events to service the purpose our clients desire to accomplish.

According to Finance Online, 68% of sales and marketing teams say events are the best lead generation activity.

No matter if it's B2B or B2C, L.O.P.I has the talent to coordinate an activation event that can help your brand collect an array of data from consumers that your brand can use to improve sales, your product/service, email marketing campaigns, social media ads, strengthen brand loyalty and brand presence to name a few benefits. L.O.PI. has a knack for curating activations that builds excitement around your brand. We plan activations with social engagement components that inspire consumers to connect to your brand. While connecting with these consumers, our brand ambassadors can collect data such as consumer opinion, personal consumer contact information, or the opportunity could be used to promote what's new with your brand, gain more followers, create social content, etc. Lead generation is an extension of your brand's marketing strategy.




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PLOT TWIST: L.O.P.I. can help you with lead generation even if you don't want to do an activation event. Brick & Mortar, eCommerce, Pop-Up shop, we can help you too! logo that says l.o.p.i. spotlighting your brand


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