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Pop-Up Shop Prep, Design & Management

Pop-Up Shop



Retail space created with the intentions of being present for a temporary short time-frame, not meant to be permanent. Want to launch your first pop-up shop or does your pop-up shop need revamping, L.O.P.I. can offer footprint blueprints and asset planning for your brand.

3 Reasons Why Pop Up Shops Are Great For Your Brand

Brand Exposure

Branded merchandise purchased or given to customers gives your brand the opportunity to be places with the consumer. This kind of exposure helps your brand remain visible even when the consumer isn't engaging with you.

Consumer Loyalty

Pop-up shop enhances a fandomania of sorts for your brand. When brands conduct pop-up shops, customers feel like the brand has come to them versus the usually engagement of the customer having to seek out the brand. The excitement of the temporary accessibility gives consumers the incentive to engage or risk missing out.

Extra Revenue

Last, but definitely not least, the extra revenue. Self-explanatary.

L.O.P.I. + Your Brand's Pop-Up Shop

L.O.P.I. is able to design a pop-up shop that aligns with your brand's personality, capability and need. We design pop-up shops that remains cohesive to your brand so it grows with you. However, for those who are starting from scratch, L.O.P.I. can assist you with preparation which involves evaluating the shop assets that'll be needed for a complete setup. We also can manage your inventory and layout a plan of execution.

How Does This Work?

You set up an appointment for a call. On this call, we will talk about the particulars of your project. This will allow us to know who on our team will be assigned to your project. Once we have gathered that information, we set up a video call or in-person meeting to go over the quote and for you to meet who will be assigned to your project. During this meeting, we'll also do a quick run-down of our proposal for your project. After that meeting, you decide if you want to move forward. Simple as that.


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