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L.O.P.I. + Your Brand = Greatness a team of project managers gathered together in the office conversing over plans as the header picture of a blog titled L.O.P.I. + Your Brand = Greatness

L.O.P.I. is an experiential marketing event planning company. We plan marketing events for brands that want to add experiential marketing tactics as a part of their marketing strategy. Our internal team is collaborative of professionals in the experiential industry that specializes in the needs your brand's activation would entail for success. If you have a concept you want executed, we can handle that for you. If you want us to brainstorm an experiential plan for your brand, we can handle that as well. Our team can coordinate your activation, run your event and submit ROI reports for your records.

Here is a list of the top services L.O.P.I. offers: services of lopi as experiential evens, street teams, staffing, activations for a blog titled L.O.P.I. + Your Brand = Greatness

There are so many brands just getting word about what the experiential marketing industry is, but you're here to see what the industry can do for your brand!


L.O.P.I. will plan, execute, and manage your experiential events (referred to as activations) on behalf of your brand. We will plot out what it is your brand's event would need, source those needs, and create a "run of show" that fits your brand's voice. Consumers need to connect with your brand's message so we put together activations that achieve just that. These activations are usually stationed at a location or event where consumers are already going to be such as festivals, shopping centers/malls, trade shows, grocery stores, sports games, and more.


Sometimes a brand just wants to be visible and get the word out about their brand and what their brand has going on. L.O.P.I. coordinates street teams that not only does that, but we make it a point to add a social engagement component as well. The street teams we put together are social butterflies and know how to approach consumers in a way that gets them excited about your brand in a positive light.


Imagine your brand being at an event you want your brand to have a presence at, but you don't have anyone available to work the event. L.O.P.I. can recruit who you need to staff your promo event. We understand that your personnel can't be everywhere at once. We understand that it can be expensive when you want your brand to have a presence at an event that isn't local to your personnel. No worries, because L.O.P.I. has many promo friends who love working activations. We will assemble a team capable to get the job done!


We understand your brand is unique and may need a different approach to consumers. Your brand's product may need to be demonstrated in front of consumers. Or maybe you want consumers to have a first-hand experience of your brand by being able to sample the product. Here with L.O.P.I., we are able to train our product specialists to your brand's specifications to ensure consumers understand your product on-site.

Here Are A Few More Services We Provide: services of social media content, lead generation, social engagement events, promo events on a blog titled L.O.P.I. + Your Brand = Greatness


L.O.P.I. understands that posting to social media is a whole department of itself. The biggest part is the CONTENT to post. Social media is a driving force in marketing. Graphic designers can be pricey and off-trend with what's trending on social media. We have social media influencers who can create a package of content that your brand can use to keep you on-trend.


Collecting leads that produce sales is very challenging for many brands. L.O.P.I. specializes in generating leads through the activations we coordinate. Imagine the leads you could have within the same day we execute an activation for your brand. Now imagine how quickly your sales can increase from those leads from consumers who had a fun experience with your brand through our activation for you.


l..O.P.I. has a list of options to enhance your activations with a social engagement component that fits your brand's personality. Sometimes your brand needs options on how to connect with consumers during their activation. Our L.O.P.I. team has experience in what works and what doesn't work. We are able to keep your brand on top with our activation.


Your brand's activation doesn't have to be a layered situation. Sometimes all your brand is looking to do is get in front of the consumer visually. This can happen in many forms: hanging posters, passing out flyers, demos/sampling, conducting activations during events, social media influencers, etc. L.O.P.I. can help your brand decide what efforts your brand needs to accomplish your experiential marketing goals. logo that says l.o.p.i. spotlighting your brand


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