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How Lead Generation Can Improve Your Brand's Social Media Presence blog titled How Lead Generation Can Improve Your Brand's Social Media Presence image of dice with social media icons on them

If you don't know, Facebook is one of the top social media tools that brands use to perform B2C interactions. Whereas, LinkedIn is the top social media tool to conduct B2B interactions. L.O.P.I. understands the power of leads and how that data can help you target your audience better on social media.


If you collect, for example, subscriber emails from your site, include a field that asks for zip codes. Then when you place an ad on a social media platform, like Facebook, you can enter in the zip code that tallied the most in your subscriber list. This will allow your ad to circulate in areas consumers are already familiar with your brand. Being visual to your loyal consumers re-enforces their experience with your brand.

"After following a brand on social media, consumers continue to engage in various ways. 91% visit the brand’s website or app, 89% will buy from the brand and 85% will recommend the brand to a family or friend." (Sprout Social)

Here at L.O.P.I., we understand how to extend the life span of a lead. Sales teams tend to trash a lead after a short period of time, but we know your leads still have value. We, turn around and use that data to then target consumers on social media. With this understanding, it's now important to know the priority your content has when you include social media as a part of your marketing strategy. This is the reason L.O.P.I. keeps lead generation in mind when we coordinate your events and activations.

But now, you have the challenge of creating content for your social media outlets. With L.O.P.I. you wouldn't have to worry about that because we can create the content for you. In-housing this task can be daunting for some brands with limited resources. The trouble of posting to social media is a task within itself, but then to create the actual content is even heavier these days. Graphic designers can get pricey and influencers may not be the direction you want your brand to go. For this reason, L.O.P.I. offers services to create social media content for your brand. In fact, one of the top four reasons consumers will unfollow a brand on social media is irrelevant content (45%). (Sprout Social) You want clever videos because TikTok is booming right now, we have TikTokers on our team. You want better post graphics that are on-trend, we have content creators on staff. Your product needs better story images that resonate with the audience, we can produce that too. logo that says l.o.p.i. spotlighting your brand


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