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My Google My Business Checklist

One of the most slept on FREE tool that Google offers is the Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business). Don't miss out on what this profile can do for your business. There's a reason all major businesses have a Google Business Profile. Here's a checklist to begin with to help optimize your profile.

1. Claim your Business Profile

Of course, you understand the importance to protect your company. Therefore, it's vital to ensure that there isn't a profile already existing as your actual company. For this reason, Google has provided a search tool to search Google Business Profiles quickly through Google. If you, by chance, happen to find a profile for your business, claim the profile. However, if there isn't a google business profile for your business, create your Google Business Profile once you've gathered everything from this list.

2. Complete every section of your Google My Business account

Once your profile has been claimed or created. Make sure to fill out as many sections of the profile as you can. There's a reason that Google is providing each section, therefore ensuring optimized SEO, the more sections completed, the better.

3. Be meticulous with contact information

Be highly intentional with the contact information you provide. This is how your consumers will get in contact with you. Make sure you're providing the proper information you prefer your consumers to use. From website to telephone number to email to social media and everything in between.

4. Select primary and secondary categories

When it comes to YOUR customers finding your business through Google, selecting the appropriate primary and secondary categories is key. It does no good to have a profile that the wrong customers can find easily. You may have to keep editing your categories until you get the correct combination especially companies of a niche product.

5. Mark applicable attributes that apply to your company

Attributes help the search engine narrow down what your business is in order to populate in applicable google searches. When you select your attributes, select them in the mindset of your consumers.

6. Write a complete “from the business” description

Without exceeding 750 characters, include details that affirm to customers what your company does. Here's the time to describe what your company offers or why they should patronize your business.

7. Make sure your profile is verified

After all the work you've done to complete a well-rounded Google Business Profile, it is well worth your while to see that your profile is verified by Google. A verified profile helps put your customers at ease when they discover your profile. Customers shy away from brands they've never heard of or heard little about, this is why a verified profile can help ease some concerns new consumers may have when they come across your profile.

8. Upload new photos

Now that you've gotten through all the information you want to be displayed on your profile, it's picture time. Upload relevant photos that display your business properly. Don't be pressured to need professional photos if you're not ready for professional photos. Just make sure your photos are honest and of clear quality at the minimum.

9. Now that you've completed your profile, there is upkeep to consider for your profile:

Answering questions left on your profile.

Post regularly if not weekly.

Collect and respond to reviews.


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