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How To Use Google My Business To Attract Customers

Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) is usually what pops up near the top (if not at the top) of the search results when you google a business on the internet. It's the profile that tells us important information such as operating hours, address, telephone number, website, directions, and other useful details. If you're like me, I thought Google made these profiles on behalf of the company based on some automated criteria that Google internally created. But a few years ago while attending a business expo, I had come to find out that this was not the case.

2 Truths And a Myth About Google My Business

Can you guess which is the myth?

Truth or Myth? Customers consult online reviews before they decide what they will buy.

Truth! 68% of customers look for product and service reviews to help them decide if they are going to patronize. If word of mouth is one of the most trusted forms of marketing customers believe in, reviews are about the next best thing.

Truth or Myth? Most customers find it hard to leave a review for your company.

Truth! On average, 77% of customers would leave a review, but only about 10% of customers end up leaving a review. Why, you ask? The process to leave a review is too difficult to do so. So what's the solution? Tip: Send an email with the sole purpose of asking for a review that links directly to where they can leave a review. Ideally, link to your Google Business Profile.

Truth or Myth? Only companies with a physical location can have a Google Business Profile.

Myth! You do not have to have a physical location to have a Google Business Profile. Many companies are service-based and are allowed to use service-area on Google for service-area and hybrid businesses for their business profile.

What's the Big Deal About a Google Business Profile?

"...96% of local businesses [with Google Business Profiles] being viewed at least 25 times per month in Search results..." (Forbes, Dec 23, 2020, Google My Business: A Free Tool Worth Investing In)

Visibility. Businesses with Google Business Profiles are generally the first displayed in Google search results (after paid ads, of course). This is prime internet real estate. Page 1 is first listed in the results... for free! Think about it. When you google for a business, where does their Google Business Profile populates in your search results? Exactly! At the top on page 1.

How To Get A Google Business Profile?

First, it is important to remember that creating a Google Business Profile is free to create on Google, however, there are companies who charge to create your profile for you if you find it too overwhelming to do yourself. But there are plenty of resources to walk you through how to create a profile yourself.


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