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5 Elements To Planning An Event That You Keep Forgetting blog titled 5 Elements To Planning An Event That You Keep Forgetting image of a outdoor events that's a rave

Instead of going through a list of should-haves and to-dos, let's talk about the parts of event planning that are commonly skipped over that are hindering your event from going to the next level.

#5: PR (Public Relations) blog titled 5 Elements To Planning An Event That You Keep Forgetting with an image of 2 people engaging on a podcast

It pays to bring on a Public Relations Manager (even if it's temporary) to help with your project from time to time. They have a network that you may not be able to tap into on your own. They have relationships and methods to service your project. Learn what they need and provide that. You're knocking on doors that your PR Manager may have the key to.

#4: Guest List

Getting the word out that your event is happening is not enough. Sometimes you need the right people talking about your event. This can come from who you invite to the event. Your consumers should not be the only ones on your guest list. So be intentional with special invites. Influencers, bloggers, big shots, promoters, donors, business owners, clients, and partnerships to name a few are obvious guests who should be invited. But consider different demographic communities to invite. Partnering up with another brand and cross-market your guest lists. Invite executes of companies you intend to do business with in the future, but have yet to pursue. Use your event to have a future impact.

#3: Lead Generation

Keeping your leads fresh always renders a return on your investment. Find a way to collect the leads you are looking for during your event. Your event has already put your attendees under your influence, turn it up a notch with brand loyalty efforts to gain leads. Lead generation is more than collecting emails. Creating an atmosphere that your guests take photos in and then share organically to social media will generate leads to an audience you may not have access to. As stated in #4, use your event to have a future impact.

#2: Pre-Event, Day of Run of Show, and Post-Event Recaps Are Important

Create an official "how to" for your signature projects. You will be amazed at how many brands reinvent the wheel every time they execute their annual projects. That is exhausting on your team every single time. Take the time to write down the process as you go, because after the project is over, you're already off to the next project.

#1: Outsourcing Your Project To L.O.P.I.

Shameless plug? Not really. Be comfortable in knowing that your company doesn't have to be the expert in all areas you need to succeed. It's okay to outsource. Many companies "make do" with what they have instead of stepping their game up and letting an outsource be their resource. Don't be that brand. If cell phone companies can outsource their customer service department to call centers, your brand can outsource the projects you need completed, too. Set up a call with us and see how we can help your brand succeed in the goals you have set for your team!


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