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The Most Common Brand Ambassadors You Need For Your Brand

Ad fatigue is becoming common ground since consumers are bombarded with marketing every day. Like you, other brands are seeing the value that brand ambassadors (also known as B.A.s) bring to the table. Imagine a brand cheerleader representing your brand giving consumers a first-hand experience that leaves a positive encounter for consumers to remember. Here is a quick list of the most common types of brand ambassadors to consider for your brand's activation.

Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassadors are considered brand cheerleaders. They are in-person enthusiasts representatives for your brand during your activation. Their main job is brand awareness, brand exposure, and generating a positive interaction between consumers and your brand. Brand ambassadors are skilled in crowd gathering and assisting consumers with their interactions with your brand.

Demo B.A.

Demo Brand Ambassadors are mainly used for brands that have products that can be demonstrated within a quick frame of time in front of consumers. Such as a kitchen appliance, a VR console, a gingerbread kit, and so forth.


Emcee is similar to a spokesperson but actually interacts with the consumers in an overarching way in an effort to wrangle consumers to your footprint. They’re usually used in activations that are a part of events that has heavy foot traffic such as a county fair or music festival for example.

Event Manager

Event Managers are hires who manage your event from setup to teardown. Their main function is to liaison between the venue’s point of contact and your brand’s representative, ensure that the activation is running smoothly, make sure to keep brand ambassadors on task, and submit reports.


A brand ambassador who is responsible for helping the mascot/character B.A. throughout the activation to ensure their safety as they navigate in the bulky costume.

Mascot / Character

A brand ambassador dressed in a mascot costume or dressed a character during an activation.

Product Specialist

Product Specialists are brand ambassadors who are educated with high-level information about your brand and acts as an on-site expert for consumers.

Sampling B.A.

Sampling Brand Ambassadors are usually conducting activations at grocery stores. The B.A. is encouraging consumers to try a sample of a product your brand has to offer.

Street Team / Guerilla Marketing

Brand Ambassadors are given locations to show up at and distribute promotional items to as many consumers that are present within a short amount of time. Traditionally, teams would show up randomly to a location without permission and leave in enough time to not get ‘caught.’ Nowadays, brands reach out to each intended location to get permission first to conduct a guerilla-style activation.


Spokes-people are commonly associated to celebrities who endorse a brand/product. A brand spokesperson in the promo world does the same thing but usually in a microphone as a live broadcast during your activation. They are assigned different cues to make certain announcements and scripts given. They are not interacting with consumers directly during the whole activation. They are acting as the face and voice of your brand as if from headquarters.

Team Lead

Team Lead is the brand ambassador who is appointed to be responsible for making sure the activation is going according to plan. Usually, team leads are for small activations that involve light setup that takes no longer than 20 minutes on average with a team of no more than 3 other team members.

Tour Manager

Tour Managers are hires who travel from activation to activation as the event manager. Tours usually involve a series of multiple activations that happen back to back.

Need Help Recruiting Brand Ambassadors?

We get it, sometimes it's hard for your brand to provide itself with everything it needs. Outsource your brand ambassador needs to LOPI and let us recruit your promo teams. Our network is nationwide. We do the recruiting, the vetting, training and make sure the paperwork is in order. Let's connect!


3 Ways Brand Ambassadors Can Enhance Your Brand Image With Consumers

Brand Ambassadors Humanize Your Brand

Unlike digital or print ads, brand ambassadors becomes the next best thing to word of mouth but it's from the brand's prospective. Brand Ambassadors only want to be cheerleaders for great brands. The influence of a brand ambassador leaves a lasting impression on consumers. Brand ambassadors are able to establish a connection between the consumer and your brand.

Brand Ambassadors Connect The Dots For The Consumer That Ads Cannot Do

An ad can not hand your consumer a sample of your product in the actual grocery store your product is in. An ad cannot smile at your consumer as they enter your activation's footprint and help them fill out a lead form. An ad cannot emphasize what the consumer is feeling when interacting with your brand in person. Ads do serve a purpose, but brand ambassadors have the ability to re-enforce your marketing efforts.

Brand Ambassadors Bring Attention To Your Brand

Brand ambassadors are full of high energy that is contagious. That kind of passion is powerful for consumer influence. With this sort of heightened visibility, your brand could gain new customers increasing sales.

Let's connect and discuss how brand ambassadors can service your brand.


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