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Google Business Profiles for Companies Without A Brick & Mortar

As entrepreneurs increase in numbers so are small business that are either mobile (such as online stores that conduct pop-ups in different locations) or service customer without a brick and mortar location (tradeshow/expo brands, lawn service and possibly a food trucks) you would be considered a 'Service Area Business' for your Google Business Profile. NOTE: Your company cannot be a temporary or seasonal business, i.e. ice skating rink that is only operating during the winter.

"To qualify for a Business Profile on Google, a business must make in-person contact with customers during its stated hours."

--Google Support

Meaning that if consumers have a first-hand in-person contact with you business isn't a regular occurrence with the way the business is conducted, your brand may not qualify. For example, if your brand is solely an online store, you're likely to get flagged if you made a Google Business Profile for your brand. However, if you're an ice cream truck. You are more likely to qualify for a business profile with Google.

Common Areas That Can Get Your Profile Flagged


Addresses that are P.O. Boxes, mail box service or virtual address are prohibited.

If your company's office is at a co-sharing space like WeWork, as long as your office space that's being rented is solely your company's vs a common area that is assigned to your company is okay. If you opt for the 'Service Area Business,' an address shouldn't be asked for, instead, you'll be asked to indicate the areas you service.


Make sure that the category you select for your profile is neither misleading nor too broad when it doesn't have to be. Google wants your profile to be as concise as possible.


Sometimes your company's name is changed for whatever reason and now you need your Google Business Profile to reflect that without starting all over. Great news, because Google doesn't want you to start over, but your company must meet their rebranding criteria to be eligible to change/update the company's name on your profile. Nonetheless, there are steps for companies who has name changes but doesn't meet the rebranding criteria to complete so you're covered either way.

Need Help With Your Google Business Profile?

If you need help making sure you're filling out your profile correctly, Google wants you to book an appointment with them to get it right.


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